Zacuto arms
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Zacuto Arms (12 inch and 5 inch) Made with chrome balls for silk movement, aluminum ends for rust reduction and stainless steel to increase strength and reduce bulk. The central red knob controls the central pivot point and the ball joints on either end of the arm. No more screwing and un-screwing and no more coming loose. Both ends are a threaded rod of 15mm female. Zacuto Mounts A 15mm rod clamp mount. It consists of a 15mm hole and a ¼” 20 screw. Simply screw the Zicromount onto whatever accessory you desire with the Zicromount’s ¼” 20 screw and attach the Zicromount to your Zamerican arm or 15mm rod by tightening the red lever.

1 . 925 . 846 . 6066