Our services
Production is #1 here at Spring Street Studios HD. Our belief is you have to capture the image correctly, professionally and yet still keep the creativity flowing in order to maintain the highest level of quality. Over the past two years we've completely re-tooled all of our production equipment, now full HD, 2K & 4K, from single ENG (gorrilla video package) to full-service Multi-cam/Live Switch HD production, we have it!
Spring Street Studios HD employs the latest technology and applications available on the marketplace today which enables for a fast and efficient workflow through post production. Spring Street Studios uses the current Adobe Suite Collection, Apple Final Cut Suite, and a variety of other apps that aid in the creative editing process.
We have a variety of camera packages available. From our very extensive Canon 5D MKIII package complete with rig, slider or Glidecam to our Multi-Cam Panasonic HD P2/Atomos Samurai/Panasonic HD Switcher... along with all the necessary accessories, we cover the bases. We also provide, on a as needed basis, the Sony F5 2K and 4K camera solution.
Camera Packages
Just like the Marines, we shoot on land, in the air and under the sea. We provide production support for both field production and live event coverage. Our background is extensive and includes years of environmental and nature production such as our film on John Muir (shot in Yosemite as well Alaska) and our work as DP & Underwater DP for the Television Series "Destination Diving".
Types of Shoots

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