The following is a comprehensive equipment catalogue ranging with the different pieces of gear we use professionally in various packages and configurations – expect this list to be ever evolving. There will be new additions to the list over time, and we will continue to populate it with examples and behind the scenes footage of our gear in action.
This package has everything you need for a multi-cam production either a live event or field production. We offer the multi-camera package along with Samurai recorders, HD switcher, monitors and more.
Take a look at some of our other compatible equipment pieces that will enhance your production value when using our Canon 5D multi-cam package.
This is a catalogue of the various cameras packages we use in production and in the field. Ranging from an HD-DSLR, HPX-300, to HD Go-Pro Packages.
50% of any great film is in the sound design, and the first step to great sound is in the devices and methods available while on set. From External Field Recorders to Wireless Laviers, every aspect is taken care of.
Having a wide variety of lights in our arsenal that vary in strength, size, and color temperature have allowed us to compose beautiful cinematographic images.
Having a Teleprompter as one of our Production Packages has proven useful many times during studio and commercial shoots. It has given options that are unparalleled.
Our underwater package has evolved with the times, staying current, now in HD, that has allowed us to film for shows like Destination Diving and CBS Sports.
Additional support and accessories for the various production packages.
Single Camera audio lighting Teleprompter Underwater HD Multi-cam
Production Package
w/ switcher/ KiPro/ Samurai/ Custom Tally
Equipment support & accessories Canon 5d multi-cam package
w/ Canon 5D Mark III/ Mark II/ One Man Crew


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